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Fill the continuously growing demand for high-quality running clothing products with the premier clothing manufacturer in China, Yokeey. Easily customize our running clothing based on your design and budget.


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Explore Yokeey’s expansive array of custom wholesale gym clothing products that are specifically designed to cater to your sophisticated market.

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To capture every detail of your custom running clothing, Yokeey utilizes refined craftsmanship and vast production expertise that results in easier user movement. Additionally, we use premium fabric sourced from well-vetted suppliers that are cut and sewn with utmost care to form durable and comfortable running clothing.

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Durability and comfort are essential factors when users consider purchasing running clothing. Yokeey helps you achieve this for your market by providing running clothing with modern sweat-wicking technology and breathability while offering proper fitting.











Four-way Stretch

Four-way Stretch

How We Guarantee Exceptional Clothing

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Bright Team by Your Side 24/7

Our team of professional consultants and customer assistants provide expert recommendations to help you develop and market the running clothing 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Quick Sampling as Fast as 5 Days

Thanks to our fully-equipped sampling workshop and streamlined sampling process, receive samples as soon as five days from order placements for first-hand inspection.

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Quality is Crucial for Yokeey

Quality is king for Yokeey, implementing strict quality control standards based on BSCI and Intertek benchmarks. Seasoned quality auditors routinely perform tests throughout the production process to guarantee consistent quality.

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